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Lasik? Yes/no

April 21, 2012

Dear reader, here after ripe long time. Inane, skippable reasons, so, lets do just that. Wanted to query: how advisable is it to undergo this(vision correction through lasik surgery) procedure? Wanted to seek inputs, from those who have got it done, to those contemplating. Like me. D-day approacheth: 25th April. Ten days after my 44th birthday(idea was to proffer case detail and garner them odd belated wishes, possibly). Folks, let your thoughts flow… To be, or not to be nicked.


Bicycling Expedition

May 30, 2011

Will be filling this in soon, plis to wait!


Go Green Girls 🙂








Hello world!

May 30, 2011

Hello, hello… and, hello again… this is my very first attempt at blogging.. so, while I bear with myself.. I’d request you to do the same. Plunging in headlong, I’d start with the tangible here and now, to keep the going easy. Have just returned from Himachal… where, off the beaten track, one actually gets to quietly revel in picturesque Himalayan scapes… the works: from snow capped peaks to deep ravines, from awareness of global warming to a people locked in time.

As for the apparent differences I encountered: the higher secondary students don’t seem to be afflicted be furious studies, while, in southern India… the staggering emphasis on Education, implies hoardings of coaching institutions proclaiming marvelous results, so on. Recalling the commuting through the winding roads, the other aspects of Himachal road transport which stand out would have to be an ungrudging admiration for the drivers… who do a splendid job. You can take this as a certification from a pro… coz, since early childhood, I’ve had the opportunity and undiminished interest to watch drivers at work… so much so, that when I eventually took to it, ironically, late in life… it was like fish to water. So, typically, I opt for the seat beside the driver’, enjoying the road, the driving… what’s more, even the music… one, even had akon alternating with local folk songs! While, another featured an antique movie on an equally antiquated television set. One surprising feature was to come across signage in Hebrew! While travelling through a remote village… window displays of bakeries, internet cafes, etc.

What else to blog about?! Suddenly, unsurprisingly, reading seems sooo much easier than writing! Rest for next…